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How to cancel E-invoice From E-invoice Portal, Undo IRN Cancellation in Tally Prime and get IRN information From Portal? or the e-invoice portal is the first invoice registration portal in India. E-invoicing system maintained by the National Informatics Center (NIC) for generating and cancel IRN for GST e-invoices. The e-invoicing system became applicable from 1st October 2020 for those taxpayers who has a cross 500 crores turnover and from 1 Jan 2021 for those taxpayers who has cross 100 crores turnover. The CBIC has decided that e-invoicing under GST will be applicable from 1st April 2021 for businesses with an aggregated turnover of more than Rs.50 crores (in any financial year from FY 2017-18 onwards).


There are various facilities provided on ore-invoice portal. you can generate, cancel, print e-invoicing under GST from the portal. you can also generate bulk or single e-way bill and print. if you are using Tally Prime you can easily generate E-invoice from tally Prime. Tally prime Provide all feature for e-invoice, for example, single -e-invoice generation, Bulk e-invoice generation, cancel e-invoice, undo IRN Cancellation, and get IRN information From Portal

How to cancel E-invoicing under GST From E-invoice Portal.

e-invoice portal will process each invoice one at a time. GST-e-invoice can be cancelled on the IRP only within 24 hours. Further, the whole of the invoice would have to be cancelled since partial cancellation is not possible. Amendments to an e-invoice cannot be carried out on the e-invoice portal.

While cancellation on the e-invoice portal is allowed only within 24 hours, amendment and cancellation of e-invoices are allowed on the GST e-invoice portal as per the provisions of GST law. This implies that amendments and cancellations of e-invoice would continue to be made while reporting in Form GSTR-1.

Procedure to Cancel a GST-e-invoice on e-invoice portal 

A GST-e-invoice may be cancelled for reasons like:

  1. Order cancellation by a buyer
  2. Incorrect entry
  3. Duplicate entry, etc.

To cancel a GST-e-invoice on the e-invoice portal, a taxpayer has to follow these steps:

Step 1:- Go to on e-invoice portal which is


Step 2:- Press login


Step 3:- Fill in admin User id and password. if you are not registered so kindly registered first and after that login again. if you have an e-waybill login id or password then you can log in.


Step 4:- select E-invoice and then select cancel e-invoice from the given list.


Step 5:- you have three choices for cancel GST-e-invoice.

  • By IRN (Invoice Reference Number)
  • By Acknowledgement number
  • By Date

Step 6:- Select any method and fill in details then click Go.


Step 7:-  Select given below reasons for cancellations for GST-e-invoice.

  1. Order cancellation by a buyer
  2. Incorrect entry
  3. Duplicate entry, etc.
cancel-gst-e-invoice-on e-invoice-portal-screen-4

Step 8:- Enter Your Remarks and submit

cancel-gst-e-invoice-on e-invoice-portal-screen-5

Now your GST-e-invoice has been cancelled. you can print cancelled GST-e-invoice.

Points to be noted before cancel GST-e-invoice

  • If a GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) will be cancelled, then, the same invoice number cannot be used again to generate another GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number). If it will be used again, the invoice will be rejected by the e-invoice portal, when reported. This is because, e-invoicing under GST or IRN is a unique reference number for invoices generated based on the GSTIN, document/ invoice number, type of document & financial year it has been issued in.
  • If an e-way bill for e-invoicing under GST or IRN has been generated then cancellation of IRN will not be permitted by the e-invoice portal.
  • In case a GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) will be cancelled, then GSTR-1 will also be automatically updated with ‘cancelled’ status.
  • If an invoice has to be cancelled after 24 hours, the taxpayers can only cancel the same manually on the GST portal before filing the GST returns.
  • Amendments in the e-Invoice are allowed only through the GST portal as per the provisions of GST law.

Debit Note and Credit Note

Beyond the time limit to cancel an e-invoice, you need to use the debit note or credit note to nullify the invoice information. Next, record a new invoice and generate a fresh IRN.

How to Undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation in Tally Prime.

In certain situations, you may have cancelled the GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) for a particular voucher in TallyPrime, but you may want to undo this cancellation. For example, this might be needed when you had selected the wrong voucher for cancellation, or 24 hours have already passed since GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) generation, and the GST-e-invoice System won’t accept the cancellation anymore. In such cases, you can undo the GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation.

The Undo Cancellation feature is available in the Pending for GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation, Exported for GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation, and Marked as GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancelled sections of the e-Invoice report. You can select the required voucher from any of these sections and proceed to undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation.

When you undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation for the selected voucher, it will remove the details of the cancellation, such as the Cancelled status, the reason for cancellation, and the Remarks, and move the voucher to its original section in the e-Invoice report.
Important Note:- 
The Undo Cancellation feature is applicable only for the e-invoices cancelled in TallyPrime, and it does not undo the cancellation updated in the e-Invoice portal. If a voucher is not cancelled on the e-Invoice portal, then it should not be marked as cancelled in TallyPrime.
Step 1:- Go to Gateway of Tally πŸ‘‰ Display More Reports πŸ‘‰ GST Reports πŸ‘‰ e-Invoice πŸ‘‰ press Enter.
Alternatively, Alt+G (Go To) πŸ‘‰ type or select e-Invoice πŸ‘‰ press Enter.


Step 2:- kindly Drill down from the required section, which can be either Pending for IRN Cancellation, Exported for IRN Cancellation, or Marked as IRN Cancelled.


Step 3:- Press Alt+F5 for more details. You can see details of the cancellation, such as Reason for Cancellation and Remarks.
Alternatively, Press F12 (configure) πŸ‘‰ enable details πŸ‘‰ press Enter or CTRL + A for accept screen.
Step 4:- Select the voucher for which you want to undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation.


Step 5:- Press Alt+B from the keyboard (Undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation). The following message will appear:


Step 6:- Press Enter or press "y" to proceed.

This will remove details of the cancellation (such as the Reason for cancellation and Remarks), and the voucher will be moved to its original section.

How to Get GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Information in Tally Prime from e-invoice portal.

Sometimes, you may have generated or cancelled the GST-e-invoice IRN for vouchers in the offline mode using TallyPrime or some other software and offline Tools(or directly on IRP or e-invoice portal ), and you may want to import the GST-e-invoice IRN information for those vouchers in TallyPrime. You can do so using the Get IRN Info facility, which will import the latest IRN, Ack. No., and Ack. Date along with the QR Code from the e-Invoice system to the vouchers. The facility is provided in the relevant sections of the e-Invoice report, such as Pending, Exported, or Rejected by e-Invoice System, where you can fetch the latest GST-e-invoice IRN information and update the vouchers.
Step 1:- From the e-Invoice report, drill down from the relevant section. Go to "For IRN generation"  in the pending section.

Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-1

For example, you can see the Pending for IRN generation screen.

Step 2:-  Select the voucher from the help of the space bar and press Alt+L (Get IRN Info). The following screen appears:

Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-2

Step 3:- Press Enter or press "y" to proceed.

Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-3

Step 4:- Specify the e-Invoice Login details in the following screen, and press Enter to continue.

Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-4

You can track the status of the upload on the following screen:

Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-5

TallyPrime will fetch the latest GST-e-invoice IRN information from the e-invoicing system. The voucher will be updated and moved to the IRN Generated section.

List of Abbreviations

S No Abbreviation Full form
1 IRP Invoice Registration Portal
2 IRN Invoice Reference Number
3 GSTIN Goods and Services Tax Identification No
4 B2B Business To Business
5 B2C Business to consumer
6 SEZ Special Economic Zone
7 ITC Input Tax Credit
8 EWB E-Way Bill
9 GSP Goods and Services Tax Suvidha Provider
10 GST Goods and Services Tax
11 QR Code Quick Response Code
12 NIC National Informatics Centre
[accordion] [item title="Can I amend details of a reported invoice for which IRN has already been generated?"]Amendments are not possible on IRP. Any changes in the invoice details reported to IRP can be carried out on the GST portal (while filing GSTR-1). In case GSTR1 has already been filed, then using the mechanism of the amendment as provided under GST.

However, these changes will be flagged to the proper officer for information.[/item] [item title=" Can an IRN/invoice reported to IRP be cancelled?"]Yes. The cancellation request can be triggered through ‘Cancel API’ within 24 hours from the time of reporting the invoice to IRP.
if you want to cancel an e-invoice from tally click here
However, if the connected e-way bill is active or verified by the officer during transit, cancellation of IRN will not be permitted.

In case of cancellation of IRN, GSTR-1 be updated with such ‘cancelled’ status.[/item] [item title="Can an invoice number of a cancelled IRN be used again?"]No. Once an IRN is cancelled, the concerned invoice number cannot be used again to generate another e-invoice/IRN (even within the permitted cancellation window). If it is used again, then the same will be rejected when it is uploaded on IRP.

This is because IRN is a unique string based on Supplier’s GSTIN, Document Number, Type of Document & Financial Year.[/item] [item title="Can I partially cancel a reported invoice?"]No. It has to be cancelled in toto. No partial cancellation of reported e-invoice allowed.

Cancellation of invoices is governed by Accounting Standards and any other applicable rules/regulations.[/item] [item title="I have generated IRN for an invoice. There is a discrepancy in the invoice and the supply also didn’t materialise, so, I had to cancel it in my system. However, I could not cancel the IRN on IRP as the cancellation window (24 hours) has expired. What to do?"]Obtaining IRN by notified taxpayers is a legal requirement before the issue of specified documents to recipients. Upon generation of IRN, amendments are not possible on IRP and cancellation of IRN only is permitted within a time window. So, the details of invoices actually issued during the tax period have to be reported in GSTR-1.

GSTR-1 is the final and self-assessed statutory statement of outward supplies by the taxpayer, at the end of the tax period. In the e-invoices auto-populated in GSTR-1 tables, taxpayers shall delete the details, wherever required, as per the documents actually cancelled during the tax period.[/item] [item title="What should I do If there is a mistake or incorrect data entry in the e-invoice?"]If there is a mistake, incorrect or wrong entry in the GST-e-invoice, it cannot be edited or corrected. The only option is to cancel that GST-e-invoice/IRN and upload a new invoice (with a new number) and generate a fresh IRN.
There are two options for cancellation
1) cancel GST-e-invoice through Tally Prime.
2) cancel GST-e-invoice through the e-invoice portal.[/item] [item title="Can IRN/GST-e-invoice be deleted or modified?"]The IRN, once generated cannot be modified or deleted. However, if IRN is generated with wrong information, it can be cancelled. Once cancelled, the same invoice (with the same number) can’t be reported again for the generation of IRN. The cancellation is required to be done within 24 hours from the time of generation.[/item] [item title=" what can I do when 24 hours exceed for cancellation?"]Beyond the time limit to cancel an e-invoice, you need to use the debit note or credit note to nullify the invoice information. Next, record a new invoice and generate a fresh IRN.[/item] [item title="Can the e-Invoice be deleted?"]No. Once created, the GST-e-invoice cannot be deleted.[/item] [item title="How to cancel GST-e-invoice in e-invoice portal or Tally Prime?"]There are 2 GST-e-invoice cancellation procedures available. on the government portal. 1) There are 2 GST-e-invoice cancellation procedures available on the government portal.
(I) Cancel single GST-e-invoice
  • Login to the e-Invoice portal and click on Cancel in the sidebar.
  • Enter either the Acknowledgement number or the IRN and click on Go.
  • Choose the e-Invoice and enter Cancellation Reason and click on Submit.

(II) Cancel bulk GST-e-invoice
  • Visit the e-Invoice portal. Navigate to Help– Tools – Bulk Generation Tools.
  • Download the e-Invoice Cancel by IRN – JSON Preparation offline utility.
  • Enter the IRN, Reason for Cancellation, and Cancel Remarks and click on Validate
  • Click on Prepare JSON once the file is validated.

Login to the e-Invoice portal and click on e-Invoice and on Bulk IRN Cancel and upload the JSON file.
2) There are 2 GST-e-invoice cancellation procedures available through Tally Prime.
(I) Cancel single GST-e-invoice
(II) Cancel bulk GST-e-invoice
[/item] [item title="Can I use the same GST-e-invoice or IRN number when I create the new invoice after cancellation?"]No. IRN is unique to each GST-e-invoice. It isn’t possible to generate multiple IRNs for the same Supplier GSTIN, Doc Type, Doc No, and Financial Year. Once the IRN is generated, a subsequent request to generate IRN with the same request will throw an error saying duplicate IRN. A new IRN will be generated for the new e-Invoice created.[/item] [item title="Can I revoke a cancelled GST-e-invoice?"]No. Once a GST-e-invoice is cancelled, it cannot be undone. A new e-Invoice has to be created in its place.[/item] [/accordion]

CoWIN Vaccine Registration ALERT! for 18+ Age: Registration for COVID-19(Corona) vaccination India phase 3 kicks off — How to book Covid Vaccine Appointment on CoWin: Here is our Complete.

CoWIN Covid-19 (Corona) Vaccine Registration Online for Above 18: Confirming the opening of registration for Coronavirus vaccination phase 3, a tweet on the official Twitter handle of "Aarogya Setu" stated that the registration for 18 plus citizens, one needs to register either on the CoWIN website or the Aarogya Setu and UMANG app to book a slot for vaccination. India began its third phase of COVID-19 vaccination for all people above 18 years from May 1, 2021. Under this phase, people aged above 18 years have to first register themselves on the CoWin portal and then book a vaccination slot at their preferred vaccination centre.

While registration on the CoWin portal is easy and completed in simple steps such as entering your number and then feeding the OTP, booking an appointment for covid vaccination has become a challenge with a major gap between the demand and supply of the vaccines. The Government of India has launched the online registration portal of Vaccination to avoid the corona epidemic. All Indian citizens who are eligible in this phase can register online. Please complete the advertisement before registering online.

How to CoWIN Covid-19 (Corona) Vaccine Registration Online for Above 18 Age: How to Register on CoWIN website.

  • Go to the CoWIN website, links are given below and click on the option to register/sign in yourself.
  • Input your mobile number and submit to get an OTP. On receiving the OTP, input it to verify.
  • Now you can register four people for vaccination. Now, insert all the details like your name, gender, year of birth and photo ID proof, and then click on register.
  • Upon registering you will get the option to schedule an appointment. Next to the registered person’s name click on the option of schedule.
  • Insert your pin code and it will display all the centres where vaccination is on in the pin code area inserted by you.
  • You can then select the centre, date and time of vaccination and click to confirm. This way you can register yourself and others for the vaccination.
  • All those getting vaccinated will need to take two vaccine shots — the second dose of Covaxin must be taken between 28 to 42 days of the first dose, while the second dose of Covishield vaccine must be taken between 28 to 56 days of the first dose.

How to CoWIN Covid-19 (Corona) Vaccine Registration Online for Above 18 Age: How to Register using Aarogya Setu

  • Open the Aarogya Setu app and click on the CoWIN tab.
  • Select the vaccination registration, and input your phone number, and submit to get an OTP.
  • Insert the OTP and verify. This will navigate you to the page where registration for vaccination can be done.
  • Once your mobile number is verified, enter your details and click 'Register'
  • To schedule an appointment, click on 'Schedule' next to the person's name
  • An SMS on your registered mob number will be sent with appointment details
  • All those getting vaccinated will need to take two vaccine shots — the second dose of Covaxin must be taken between 28 to 42 days of the first dose, while the second dose of Covishield vaccine must be taken between 28 to 56 days of the first dose.

CoWin Covid-19(Corona): How to register multiple people on the same mobile number?

  • Once registration of one person is completed; the system will show 'Account Details'
  • You can further add 3 more people linked with this mobile number by clicking on 'add more'
  • You can delete individuals linked with the mobile number by clicking on the trash icon

CoWin Covid-19(Corona): How to schedule your vaccination appointment.

  • After you have registered on CoWin, you will have to schedule an appointment to get the vaccination at a centre and time of your choice, depending on the availability of slots.
  • You can schedule an appointment from the 'Account Details' page
  • Click on 'Schedule' for booking a vaccination appointment
  • System navigates to the 'Book Appointment for Vaccination' page
  • Search the vaccination centre of choice by district or pin code
  • On clicking any centre at the panel, the available slots (date and capacity) will be displayed
  • Select a time slot of your choice
  • Click on 'Book', then the 'Appointment Confirmation' page will be displayed
  • Click 'Confirm' after verifying details
  • Once confirmed, the 'Appointment Successful' message will be displayed
  • You will receive SMS on registered mobile number about the due date, place and time of vaccination

What documents are required for the registration of eligible beneficiary?

Any of the below-mentioned ID with photo may be produced at the time of registration:
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) Job Card
  • Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs
  • PAN Card
  • Passbooks issued by Bank/Post Office
  • Passport
  • Pension Document
  • Service Identity Card issued to employees by Central/ State Govt./ Public Limited Companies
  • Voter ID

Other Tips For Cowin Registrations

  1. Keep checking and refreshing the CoWin portal. 
  2. The best time to look for a vaccination slot is reportedly 6 pm to 11 pm. 
  3. Those lucky in finding a slot must not waste time in booking the slots, as the slots get filled up fast. 
  4. Being open to travelling for vaccination jab. In case you do not find a vaccination centre within your Pincode or district, check nearby districts to book a slot. 
[accordion] [item title="Registration"]
  1. Where can I register for the COVID-19 (Corona) vaccination?
  2. You can log into the Co-WIN portal using the link and click on the “Register/Sign In yourself” tab to register for the COVID-19 vaccination.

  3. Is there a mobile app that needs to be installed to register for vaccination?
  4. There is no authorised mobile app for registering for vaccination in India except Aarogya Setu. You need to log into the Co-WIN portal. Alternatively, you can also register for vaccination through the Aarogya Setu App.

  5. Which age groups can register for vaccination on the Co-WIN portal?
  6. All citizens aged 18 years and above can register for vaccination.

  7. Is online registration mandatory for Covid 19 (Corona) vaccination?
  8. Vaccination Centres provide for a limited number of on-spot registration slots every day. Citizens aged 45 years and above can schedule appointments online or walk into vaccination centres. However, Citizens aged 18-44 years should mandatorily register themselves and schedule appointment online before going to the vaccination centre.
    In general, all citizens are recommended to register online and schedule vaccination in advance for a hassle-free vaccination experience.

  9. How many people can be registered in the Co-WIN portal through one mobile number?
  10. Up to 4 people can be registered for vaccination using the same mobile number.

  11. How can citizens with no access to smartphones or computers manage online registration?
  12. Up to 4 people can be registered for vaccination using the same mobile number. Citizens can take help from friends or family for online registration.

  13. Can I register for vaccination without an Aadhaar card?
  14. Yes, you can register on the Co-WIN portal using any of the following ID proofs:
    a. Aadhaar card
    b. Driving License
    c. PAN card
    d. Passport
    e. Pension Passbook
    f. NPR Smart Card
    g. Voter ID (EPIC)

  15. Is there any registration charges to be paid?
  16. No. There is no registration charge.

[/item] [item title="Scheduling Appointment"]
  1. Can I book an appointment for vaccination in the Co-WIN portal?
  2. Yes, you can book an appointment for vaccination through the Co-WIN portal after logging in to the Co-WIN Portal through your registered mobile number. The system will show vaccination centres that allow vaccination as per the age of the citizen entered in the registration portal.

  3. What are the options if one citizen is aged 45 or above and the other is aged 18 or above?
  4. If one citizen is aged 45 or above and the other citizen is aged 18 to 44 years and both want to schedule a combined appointment, then only private paid vaccination centres or vaccination centres as per the State’s policy will be made available. However, it may happen that some hospitals which are catering to people 45 years or more may not allow the booking of appointments for people of lesser age. In that case, you may make bookings one by one.

  5. Can I check the vaccine being administered at each vaccination centre?
  6. Yes, while scheduling an appointment for vaccination, the system will show vaccination centre names along with the name of the vaccine that will be administered in the case of private hospitals. Government hospitals may not show the name of the vaccine.

  7. Can I download the appointment slip?
  8. Yes, the appointment slip can be downloaded after the appointment has been scheduled.

  9. How can I find the nearest vaccination centre?
  10. You can search in the Co-WIN portal (or Aarogya Setu) for the vaccination centre nearest to your location by either searching through PIN code or by choosing the State and the District.

  11. What if I cannot go for vaccination on the date of appointment? Can I reschedule my appointment?
  12. The appointment can be rescheduled at any time. In case you are not able to go for vaccination on the date of appointment, you can reschedule the appointment by clicking on the “Reschedule” tab.

  13. Do I have an option for the cancellation of the appointment?
  14. Yes, you can cancel an appointment already scheduled. You can also reschedule the appointment and choose another date or time slot of your convenience.

  15. Where will I receive confirmation of the date and time of vaccination?
  16. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will receive the details of the vaccination centre, date and time slot chosen for appointment in an SMS sent to your registered mobile number. You can also download the appointment slip and print it or keep it on your smartphone.

  17. Can I get a vaccination without an appointment?
  18. Citizens aged 45 years and above can schedule appointments online or walk into vaccination centres. Citizens aged 18-44 years should mandatorily register themselves and schedule appointment online before vaccination.
    However, all citizens are recommended to register online and schedule vaccination in advance for a hassle-free vaccination experience.

[/item] [item title="Second dose scheduling"]
  1. Is it necessary to take 2nd dose of vaccination?
  2. Yes. It is recommended that both doses of vaccine should be taken for realising the full benefit of vaccination. Both doses must be of the same vaccine type.

  3. When should I take the 2nd dose of vaccination?
  4. It is recommended that the 2nd dose of COVAXIN should be administered in the interval of 4 to 6 weeks from the date of 1st dose administration. For COVISHIELD the recommended interval is 4 to 8 weeks while an interval of 6 to 8 weeks gives enhanced protection. You may choose the date of 2nd dose vaccination at your convenience.

  5. Will my 2nd dose appointment be automatically scheduled by the Co-WIN system?
  6. No. You have to take an appointment for the 2nd dose vaccination. The Co-WIN system will help you book an appointment in a Vaccination Centre where the same vaccine is being administered as the vaccine type (COVAXIN or COVISHIELD) of the 1st dose.

  7. Whom can I contact if I have some problems related to my online registration of appointment?
  8. You can call on the national helpline ‘1075’ for information and guidance on COVID-19 vaccination and Co-WIN software related queries.

[/item] [item title="Vaccination"]
  1. Is vaccination free at all vaccination centres?
  2. No. Currently, vaccination is free at Government hospitals and charged at INR 250 in Private hospitals for citizens aged 45 years and above.
    From 1st May onwards, the Vaccination for people of 45 years or more will continue to be free at the Government facilities. For people between 18 to 44 years, the States will announce the policy relating to payment. Vaccination will be priced by private facilities and you can see the price of each vaccine at the time of booking.

  3. Can I check the price of the vaccine?
  4. Yes. The System will show the price of the vaccine below the name of the vaccination centre at the time of scheduling an appointment.

  5. Can I choose the vaccine?
  6. The system will show the vaccine being administered in each vaccination centre at the time of scheduling an appointment. The citizen can choose the vaccination centre as per their choice of vaccine being administered However, the choice will not be available at the Government facilities.

  7. What precautions should I take at the time of 2nd dose vaccination?
  8. The Vaccination Centres have been directed to ensure that if a citizen is being vaccinated with 2nd dose, they should confirm that the first dose vaccination was done with the same vaccine as is being offered at the time of the second dose and that the first dose was administered more than 28 days ago. You should share the correct information about the vaccine type and the date of 1st dose vaccination with the vaccinator. You should carry your vaccine certificate issued after the first dose.

  9. Can I get vaccinated with 2nd dose in a different State/District?
  10. Yes, you can get vaccinated in any State/District. The only restriction is that you will be able to get vaccinated only on those centres which are offering the same vaccine as was administered to you on your first dose.

  11. Which documents should I carry with me for vaccination?
  12. You should carry your identity proof specified by you at the time of registration on the Co-WIN portal and a printout/screenshot of your appointment slip.

  13. I have registered myself on the Co-Win portal. However, I am not able to make any booking as I do not see any vaccination facility near my location? What should I do?
  14. Yes, no facility near your place may have published their vaccination program as yet. You may wait for some time till vaccination facilities near your place are onboarded on the Co-Win platform, become active and start their services.

[/item] [item title="Vaccine Certificate"]
  1. Why do I need a vaccination certificate?
  2. A COVID Vaccine Certificate (CVC) issued by the government offers an assurance to the beneficiary on the vaccination, type of vaccine used, and the provisional certificate also provides the next vaccination due. It also is an evidence for the citizen to prove to any entities which may require proof of vaccination specially in case of travel. Vaccination not only protects individuals from disease but also reduces their risk of spreading the virus. Therefore, there could be a requirement in future to produce a certificate for certain kind of social interactions and international travel.
    In this context, the certificate issued by Co-WIN has built-in security features to guarantee the genuineness of the certificate which can be digitally verified using approved utilities that are provided in the Co-WIN portal.

  3. Who is responsible for providing the vaccination certificate?
  4. The Vaccination Centre is responsible for generating your certificate and for providing a printed copy post-vaccination on the day of vaccination itself. Please do insist on receiving the certificate at the Centre. For Private Hospitals, the charges for providing a printed copy of the certificate are included in the service charge for vaccination.

  5. Where can I download the vaccination certificate from?
  6. You can download a vaccination certificate from the Co-WIN portal ( or the Aarogya Setu app or through Digi-Locker by following the simple steps. You may do so by using the mobile number used at the time of registration.

[/item] [item title="Reporting Side effects"]
  1. Whom do I contact in case of side effects from vaccination?
  2. You can contact on any of the following details: a. Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046 (Toll free- 1075) b. Technical Helpline Number: 0120-4473222 c. Helpline Email Id: nvoc2019[at]gov[dot]in You may also contact the Vaccination Centre where you took vaccination, for advice.

[/item] [/accordion]

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