How to Cancel E-invoice From Tally Prime

How to Cancel E-invoice online Offline From Tally Prime and Fetching data?, Schedules to cancel e-invoice, Rules and key points related to e-invoice

How to Cancel E-invoice online Offline From Tally Prime and Fetching data?

E-Invoicing is a process that requires businesses to upload and get the invoices authenticated with IRN and QR code from the invoice registration portal (IRP). Post authentication, the supplier must print the QR code embedded with IRN on the invoices before issuing it to the buyer. Read How to Generate e-Invoice in GST to know more. You can also cancel an E-invoice in case of wrongly filled information or any other mistake. You cannot alter an e-invoice and thus you will have to cancel it and create a new e-invoice. If You have cancelled IRN then you cannot use the same voucher no for a new E-invoice Generation.


Owing to various reasons, you might have to cancel the e-invoice for which IRN and QR code is already generated. There may be situations where the IRN is generated for a particular voucher, but you might have to cancel it. For example, this can happen when there is a change in the rate of an item, or if the party has cancelled the order. In such cases, you may want to cancel the invoice. As per department regulations, invoice cancellation has to be done within 24 hours of IRN generation.  In this blog, we will talk about the reasons, timelines and how to cancel e-invoice in GST.

List of Abbreviations

S No Abbreviation Full form
1 IRP Invoice Registration Portal
2 IRN Invoice Reference Number
3 GSTIN Goods and Services Tax Identification No
4 B2B Business To Business
5 B2C Business to consumer
6 SEZ Special Economic Zone
7 ITC Input Tax Credit
8 EWB E-Way Bill
9 GSP Goods and Services Tax Suvidha Provider
10 GST Goods and Services Tax
11 QR Code Quick Response Code
12 NIC National Informatics Centre

What are the Reasons to cancel an e-invoice?

The supplier can cancel the e-invoice that is already reported to the IRP system and for which IRN is generated. The supplier can cancel the e-invoice for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Order cancellation by the buyer
  • Incorrect or wrong entry in the e-invoice
  • Mistakes in e-invoice
  • Duplicate entry and so on.

To overcome such situations, a provision is provided to the taxpayer to cancel the invoice reference number (IRN).

Schedules to cancel e-invoice

The e-invoice portal is designed to store the invoice data for a maximum of 24 hours. As a reason, the e-invoice can be cancelled within 24 hours of generation of the IRN. After 24 hours of e-invoice generation, the e-invoice cannot be cancelled.

Rules and key points related to e-invoice cancellation

  • An e-invoice can be cancelled on the IRP within 24 hours of generation of the IRN
  • Beyond 24 hrs, you can either issue a debit note or credit note to nullify the invoice information or edit the GSTR-1 to modify the invoice details.
  • If an e-Way Bill is already generated for the IRN, it cannot be cancelled
  • Partial cancellation of e-invoice is not allowed. Hence, the whole of the invoice needs to be cancelled
  • If an e-Invoice is cancelled, the same invoice number cannot be used again to generate another IRN
  • In case an IRN is cancelled, then GSTR-1 will also be automatically updated with the cancelled status.

How to cancel an e-invoice From Tally Prime?

1. Gateway of TallyDisplay More ReportsGST Reportse-Invoice➤ press Enter.

You can also go through Shortcut:- Alt+G (Go To) ➤ type or select e-Invoice ➤ press Enter.

2. Here you find the IRN generated from e-Invoice system in IRN Generated section and Press enter as shown image given below.


3. Select that invoice (Kindly use Spacebar for Select invoice) which is you want to cancel the IRN from Tally Prime and Portal on both sides.


4. Press Alt+R (Cancel IRN) or On the right side you will see the option to ‘Cancel IRN’. A confirmation message will appear with two options

The following screen will appear here:

  • Mark as Cancelled:- when you E-invoice cancelled IRN through some other medium on E-invoice Portal, and you want to update the status in TallyPrime. Use mark as cancelled in tally prime for update cancellation in Book. When you mark the IRN as cancelled, then this invoice will appear in the Marked as IRN cancelled section under IRN Cancelled, instead of the For IRN Cancellation section under Pending.
  • Update cancellation:- Update cancellation will allow you to Cancel the IRN and state the reason for cancellation along with a space to write remarks and upload it on the portal.

5. Press O or select Update Cancellation in the pop-up confirmation message. The e-Invoice Cancellation Details screen will appear.
6. Select the Reason for cancellation and enter the Remarks.


7. Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save the details or you can also enter to continue and save.
The voucher will move to the For IRN Cancellation section under Pending.

Now, you can send the e-Invoice for cancellation from the Exchange menu.

1. Press Alt+Z ๐Ÿ Š Send for e-Invoicing.


2. The Send for e-Invoicing screen appears. You can view the transactions that are pending for generation and cancellation. select transitions which are you want to send on portal or exchange.


3. The following confirmation screen will appear, with the number of transactions lined up for IRN generation and cancellation.


4. Press Enter or y from the keyboard to continue.
5. Kindly fill in the e-Invoice Login details on the following screen, and press Enter to continue.


You can track the status of the upload on the given screen:


6. The Exchange Summary will appear after the cancellation is completed from the tally and portal. You can see the e-Invoices that are cancelled. press any key to continue.


The voucher will move to the IRN cancelled from the e-Invoice system section in the e-Invoice report. Even after cancellation, information like QR code and IRN details will be retained in the voucher for your reference in TallyPrime. You can also view the remarks you had entered while cancelling using More Details.

[accordion] [item title="Can I amend details of a reported invoice for which IRN has already been generated?"]Amendments are not possible on IRP. Any changes in the invoice details reported to IRP can be carried out on the GST portal (while filing GSTR-1). In case GSTR1 has already been filed, then using the mechanism of the amendment as provided under GST.

However, these changes will be flagged to the proper officer for information.[/item] [item title=" Can an IRN/invoice reported to IRP be cancelled?"]Yes. The cancellation request can be triggered through ‘Cancel API’ within 24 hours from the time of reporting the invoice to IRP.

However, if the connected e-way bill is active or verified by the officer during transit, cancellation of IRN will not be permitted. In case of cancellation of IRN, GSTR-1 be updated with such ‘cancelled’ status.[/item] [item title="Can an invoice number of a cancelled IRN be used again?"]No. Once an IRN is cancelled, the concerned invoice number cannot be used again to generate another e-invoice/IRN (even within the permitted cancellation window). If it is used again, then the same will be rejected when it is uploaded on IRP.

This is because IRN is a unique string based on Supplier’s GSTIN, Document Number, Type of Document & Financial Year.[/item] [item title="Can I partially cancel a reported invoice?"]No. It has to be cancelled in toto. No partial cancellation of reported e-invoice allowed.

Cancellation of invoices is governed by Accounting Standards and any other applicable rules/regulations.[/item] [item title="Can I modify a generated invoice?"]No. you cannot modify after the generation of the e-invoice.[/item] [item title="Can I remove the e-Invoice portal logins for multiple companies with a single reset in TallyPrime?"]The reset activity removes login credentials from the active company. You need to select each company and choose Reset E-Invoice Login.[/item] [/accordion]

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